Case Study: Buzzworthy Photography Illustration Project

Buzzworthy Photography is a subsidiary of Cherry Hill Photo Enterprises, Inc., and has been creating buzz nationwide in the special event photography business for the past 25 years. Buzzworthy came to me looking for help with designing a custom illustrated direct mail piece. Their goal was to clearly illustrate the ease and excitement of choosing Buzzworthy Photography for any special event. My task was to create four custom illustrations that represented a typical Buzzworthy experience and use these illustrations to design a direct mail piece that conveyed this experience as easy and fun.

direct mail, postcard, illustration, graphic design, print design
Finished design piece.

I was very excited to get started on this project and I did not hesitate to start. My first step in this process was to do some research. I gathered examples of various illustrated people and photographers that I felt was in line with the Buzzworthy Photography brand. Once I thought I had a good collection of visual examples my next plan of attack was to draw the characters freehand. My drawings in progress are shown below:

illustration, graphic design illustration, graphic design illustration, graphic design

After I received positive feedback from my client I moved on to the next step which was to bring the drawings into Adobe Illustrator and convert them into vector graphics. I used a combination of the pen tool and shape tool to re-create the drawings and that seemed to work great for me. One of my suggestions to the client was to try to show a variety of people, I think they were happy with that choice. The vector illustrations are shown below:

CHP_Illustration_concept01_a CHP_Illustration_concept01_b2 CHP_Illustration_concept01_d

Wow!!! These look awesome, and totally what I had in my mind’s eye. Great work Stacy. – Liz Scoropanos

With all the illustrations complete, my next task was to design the direct mail piece. The front of the postcard features a punchy headline along with the illustrated event experience and a brief description of the services offered. While the back serves as the call to action by offering a discount for booking a service.

I was happy to hear Buzzworthy Photography say that they loved the final product. If you would like to work with me on an upcoming project, please visit my website at and fill out the contact form or email me at


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