Case Study: Down the Rabbit Holes Podcast Logo

Down the Rabbit Holes Podcast is a new and upcoming podcast focusing on true unsolved crimes and the many theories that surround them. Each week the hosts, Melissa and Amy, cover one thrilling true crime story and go down the rabbit holes discussing all the possible theories around the case. Melissa and Amy came to me looking for a logo they could use to be the face of this exciting new podcast. As a true crime podcast enthusiast, I was happy to help get them started down the right path for their new brand.


To begin, Melissa completed my creative brief questionnaire—a series of questions about the direction she and Amy saw their brand going. The questionnaire is a helpful tool for me to use during my creative process, allowing me to refer to important information whenever I need.

With the creative brief, Melissa had included a few photos of magnifying glasses, so I knew I wanted to feature that image in some way, and she had asked that the logo be primarily black and white. I started working right away hoping to create a logo that evoked feelings of mystery and suspense.

The completed logo (shown above) features the magnifying glass , with the shapes behind the title  suggesting the look of a case file. The feedback I received from Melissa and Amy was very positive and I am beyond thrilled to have played a part in their new podcast.

Thank you so much! You totally nailed what we were looking for!

This project was a lot of fun to work on and I pleased with the way the client felt about the end product. If you would like to work with me on an upcoming project, please visit my website at and fill out the contact form or email me at

If you are interested in listening to Melissa and Amy’s podcast, Down the Rabbit Holes, click any of the links below.
SpotifyStitcher  |  Podbean  |  Apple Podcasts


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